Success Stories


Ali Aldhalimi

One of our three 2020 scholarship recipients is Ali Aldhalimi! Ali graduated from Arlington Collegiate High School in May 2020 and will be attending the University of Texas at Arlington this fall, pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

From a very young age, Ali was fascinated with everything mechanical.  That fascination began with cars and eventually turned to planes, igniting an intense desire to shape his educational and career goals.

Ali currently works at Autozone where he has focused on providing superior customer service and previously working at EX Shine Car Wash & Lube.  In addition to his work experience, Ali has volunteered at Mission Arlington and the Dallas Zoo.

His school, volunteering and work obligations haven't gotten in the way of Ali stepping up to help support his family.  

Congratulations Ali!


Aaliyah Cardenas

One of our three 2020 scholarship recipients is Aaliyah Cardenas! Aaliyah graduated from Mansfield Legacy High School in May 2020 and will be a first generation college attendee when she begins studying cosmetology at Weatherford College this fall.   

In addition to her traditional studies, Aaliyah enjoyed dance and floral design in high school as it helped  fuel her creative ambitions and desire for self-expression, which she looks forward to continuing with her collegiate studies at Weatherford.

Congratulation Aaliyah!


Rosealin Delgado

One of our three 2020 scholarship recipients is Rosealin Delgado! Rosealin graduated from the Texas Academy of Biomedical Science in May 2020, finishing with both a high school diploma as well as an Associates Degree. Rosealin will be attending Texas Wesleyan University to study Biology as a precursor to a career in medicine or animal care.

While in high school, Roselin was active in the National Honor Society, Green Team and the Explorers Program.  Her love of biology and animals culminated with Rosealin making her very own chicken egg incubator, where she hatched her first of many chicks - a cute little chicken named Lumpy!

When she's not raising animals, she's spending quality time with her family of 7!

Congratulation Rosealin!


Alyxes Martinez

Our 2019 scholarship winner is Alyxes Martinez! She is currently a senior at Texas Christian University pursuing a degree in Applied Geoscience and will graduate in December of 2019.

She currently works two jobs, one as a bartender on the weekend and the other as a co-op at Freese and Nichols, Inc. Most of her time is focused around studying and staying on track at school. She works between 40 and 50 hours a week to pay for her living expenses. Alyxes and her siblings also helped with their fathers cancer treatment in the past, so she’s successfully navigated a lot of obstacles.

At Freese and Nichols she works in the environmental and coastal group on projects that include groundwater monitoring, methane monitoring, and environmental permitting. After graduation she wants to work for a few years before pursuing a dual master’s degree in environmental science and law. Her ultimate goal is to become an environmental lawyer who works on environmental legislation.

Congratulations to this hard working employee, dedicated student and family caregiver.